The Florida Product Approval System establishes accountability and a higher standard of practice for evaluating the integrity
of covered structural products during hurricanes, including roofing. This system also ensures uniformity and consistency of Florida Building Code (FBC) enforcement statewide.  Evaluations of covered products can only be conducted by independent and nationally accredited and state approved entities, or by state licensed engineers and architects. A Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance approval is a local product approval with more stringent code and approval criteria in the High-Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ) of Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

Our metal panels are backed by rigorous testing and independent certification, meeting or exceeding FBC requirements on water penetration, wind uplift, and structural performance, including stricter codes required in HVHZ zones where applicable. All our metal roofing systems are Florida Product Approved and Miami-Dade Approved, or pending. Contact one of our metal roofing experts to determine the metal roofing system that’s right for your project.