Choosing the Right Metal Roofing System for Your Project: What You Need to Know

Exposed Fastener vs. Concealed Fastener

Both exposed fastener and concealed fastener metal roofing systems from Extreme Metal Fabricators are a smart choice for nearly every building type. But its important to know the differences and the advantages of each.


Exposed Fastener Systems

(also called Screw-Through) 

  • Classic Metal Roofing Look and Feel

  • Fasteners (Screws) Visible

  • Easy to Install

  • Most Affordable Metal Roofing Option

  • Many Profile Designs (including Metal Tile Panels)

  • Can Be Used for Wall Applications

  • Easier to Repair if Damage Occurs

  • Available in Mill Finish or Painted Maxalume; Painted Aluminum


Concealed Fastener System

(also called Standing Seam)

  • Sleek Modern Look and Feel

  • Fasteners and Clips Hidden so Not Exposed to UV, Wind, Water and Other Elements

  • Allows for Better Thermal Movement

  • Can Be Used on More Complex Roof Designs

  • Can Be Used on Lower Pitched Roofs

  • Available in Mill Finish or Painted Maxalume; Painted Aluminum

How to Choose the Metal That is Best for Your Metal Roofing System 

Metal roofing panels are available in steel, aluminum and copper.  These metals all offer high-performing durability and longevity, but each has its own unique benefits.

Galvalume Mill Finish Sheet 3.jpg

Maxalume (Galvalume®)

Maxalume is a special type of galvanized steel made with an aluminum and zinc coating. It provides an ideal combination of corrosion resistance and durability. Available in both milled and premium coated finishes, our Maxalume panels easily outperform regular galvanized steel in atmospheric corrosion and wind resistance tests. They also enhance fire protection and offer superior reflectivity and emissivity qualities, helping to reduce energy usage and related costs.

Aluminum Painted.jpg


Aluminum is the lightest metal roofing material available. It is extremely resistant to corrosion from saltwater spray making it a smart choice in coastal environments. Aluminum naturally reflects light and remits heat keeping the building underneath cooler.  The excellent malleability of aluminum also makes it the metal of choice for more complex roofing profiles or designs.



We manufacture our CopperMax roofing panels using Revere Copper, the world’s leader in copper milling for over 200 years. This premium American-made copper is known for its beauty, superior surface quality and exacting physical properties. It is weather, wind and fire resistant, easy to install and virtually maintenance free. One of the most durable and long-lasting of roofing materials, copper roofs have been known to last for generations, aging gracefully with a striking greenish-blue patina.

Find the Perfect Finish for Your Metal Roofing Project

For the life of your metal panels, the coating system, or painted surface, will be exposed to many environmental elements, including harsh UV rays, acid rain, dirt, etc. When shopping for metal roofing, it’s important to understand how the coating system you choose will stand up to these tough conditions and add to the longevity of your metal roofing system. 

Metal panel coatings are made of resin, pigment, solvents and additives. These elements are combined and applied to metal prior to the metal panel–forming process to ensure uniform color, sheen and thickness of the coating. The primary difference between all the metal roofing coating products available today is the type of resin used to bind the coating elements together. Extreme Metal Fabricators exclusively uses the industry’s leading coating systems: Kynar 500®, a polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) coating, and Valspar’s Weather XL®, silicone modified polyester based coating known as SMP.  


Valspar Weather XL™ (SMP)

Also known as Silicone Protected and Siliconized Polyesters, SMP coatings are formulated using a polymerized silicone which improves gloss retention and reduces fading due to chalking, and outperforming inferior polyester or vinyl formulas. SMP coatings offer a harder finish making them more resistant to rough handling; however, this also makes them less flexible than other coatings which can lead to tiny fractures during roll-forming of panels. SMPs vary greatly in quality with the most important difference being pigment type, such as simple organic and inorganic pigments, and ceramic pigments. Extreme Metal uses only Valspar Weather XL™  SMP coatings which are made using ceramic and inorganic pigments. Ceramic pigments, similar to those used in PVDF coatings, offer superior color stability, chalk and fade resistance, and gloss retention over other SMP coatings. Extreme Metal Fabricators offer over 25 SMP colors and finishes. Custom colors to match your metal panels are also available.

Kynar 500® (PVDF)

Considered the premier metal roofing coating in the metal roofing industry, Kynar 500® coatings (PVDF) are made using polyvinylidene fluoride mixed with acrylic copolymer resins. This unrivaled finish is designed to withstand extended exposure to harsh UV rays, water, humidity, high temperatures, oxygen and other atmospheric pollutants by resisting the chemical breakdown that happens as coatings age. The key to PVDF is the bond created between carbon and fluorine, the strongest possible polymeric connection. Years of testing demonstrate that PVDF resin is most durable when it makes up 70% of the overall metal panel coating. When comparing PVDF finishes, beware of less expensive formulations that contain only 50% PVDF, as performance drops off considerably. Extreme Metal Fabricators proudly offers premium Kynar 500 PVDF coatings in more than 60 colors.

Wondering which coating system is best for your project? Quickly compare Kynar 500, Valspar Weather XL, and Polyester coatings below.


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