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Exposed Fastener Metal Panel Roofing Systems



The work horse of metal roofing, exposed fastener (also known as screw-through fastener) metal panel roofing systems are one of most commonly used residential roofing systems. As its name suggests, a key characteristic of these panels is that the tops of fasteners (screws) used to attach metal panels to each other are exposed and can be seen above the metal. Extreme Metal Fabricators exposed fastener metal panels feature a classic metal roofing look, easy installation, and they are the most affordable of our metal roofing systems. These versatile panels can be installed vertically or horizontally, and most of our exposed fastener systems can be used for both interior and exterior applications, including walls, fascias, ceilings, soffits, mansards, and sheathing. We offer a variety of exposed fastener metal panel options, including RIB, Corrugated and 5V metal panel profiles. Metal Tile Panels, another type of exposed fastener metal roofing system gaining popularity, combines all the benefits of metal roofing with the timeless beauty of European clay tiles. 


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