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Concealed Fastener Metal Panel Roofing Systems 

from Extreme Metal Fabricators Deliver
the Exceptional Performance Clients Expect

Considered the gold standard in metal roofing systems, a standing seam (also called concealed fastener) metal roof uses hidden fasteners underneath metal panels to secure them to each other and to the roof deck. The result is a metal roof with clean, uninterrupted lines for a distinctive and striking look. Concealed fastener metal roofing systems also provide for greater thermal movement allowing panels to better absorb expansions and contractions without “fastener fatigue” that can lead to failures in other types of roofing. Common for commercial roofing applications, standing seam metal roofs offer superior durability and longevity making them increasingly popular for high-end residential, industrial and agricultural installations. Extreme Metal Fabricators offers a variety of single clip, double clip and snap-lock choices in our standing seam metal roofing. For more unique aesthetics and durability, pencil bead, ribbon bead and standard striation options are also available on each of our concealed fastener profiles. 


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