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Skylight Panels

Take advantage of one of Mother Nature’s best free resources, daylight. Compatible with our EMax, PBRMax and VMax (5V Crimp) metal panel roofing systems, these polycarbonate panels are strong and durable, with up to 200 times the strength of traditional glass. EMF offers packages that include everything you need to install Skylight panels as part of your metal roofing system. Features include:


• Light transmissions up to 90% Depending on Color Chosen
• Choose from 1.0mm or 1.5mm
• Rib height 1-1/4-inches, net coverage 36-inches
• Florida Product Approved
Specialty translucent panel fasteners included for easy installation
• Butyl tape sealant roll included
10-year warranty against loss of light transmission due to yellowing
• 10-year warranty against hail damage

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