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When Only the Best Will Do 


The most durable, beautiful and often historically accurate roofing panel system available, COPPERMAX will outlast most roofing materials offered. Simple to maintain, this roof will ask nothing of you over the life of the product, while offering protection, time-honored beauty and peak performance. There is nothing like a COPPERMAX roof, which is why it is still one of architects’ top picks for high-end applications.

Product Features


• Residential and light commercial applications

• 1-1/2-inch, mechanical standing seam

• Premium 99% copper sheet

• Heavy-gauge material

• Seam at 90° or 180° 

• Hidden fasteners for uninterrupted lines

• Striated, pencil bead, ribbon bead or traditional flat seam options

• Custom lengths
• Curve-capable for smooth radius application
• No charge for onsite production
• Warranty up to 50 years


Product Specifications


  • Material: 16 oz copper

  • Slope: 2:12 or greater, site-specific available

  • Support: 15/32-inch or greater plywood
    or 3/4 inch (min.) wood plank

  • Coverage: 16 inches

  • Quality: Keystone Quality Assurance Program


Product Testing


  • Uplift Resistance: UL 580, UL1897, TAS 110, TAS 125

  • Wind-Driven Rain: TAS 100

  • Tensil Strength: ASTM E8

  • Fire Rating: UL 790

  • Accelerated Coating: ASTM G152

  • Salt Spray Coating: ASTM B117

  • Florida Building Code: Approved

COPPERMAX Profile Card - Download pdf

COPPERMAX/PEAKMAX Installation Guide - Download pdf

COPPERMAX Product Approval




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