Strength and Beauty Meets Durability 


Tough and beautiful, our ULTRAMAX 1 3⁄4-inch, snap-lock, panel system stands out from the rest. The seam is bolder and stronger, thanks to the robust seam thickness and the concealed fastener clip system. With continuous seam transitions, this versatile panel system creates pure clean lines, while delivering the ultimate in strength and wind resistance. ULTRAMAX is the choice for upscale commercial or residential projects that require top performance.



Product Features


• Preferred high-end residential, commercial

• 1-3/4-inch, snap-lock, standing seam

• Heavy gauge for durability

• Concealed clips for clean lines

• 25+ colors, custom available

• Striated, pencil bead, ribbon bead, traditional flat seam available

• Custom lengths
• Free onsite production
• Warranties on materials and finishes up to 40 years



Product Specifications


Material: 22-, 24-, 26-gauge steel, .032, .040 aluminum
Slope: 2:12 or greater, site-specific also available

Support: Wood deck support of 15/32-inch or greater plywood, steel deck
Coverage: 14 inches or 18 inches
Finish: Kynar 500® Coating, mill-finished MaxAlúme
Sustainability: Energy Star® rated products available
Quality Assurance: Keystone Quality Assurance Program



Florida Product Approvals



• FL 20378.4, -76.75psf
• FL 20378.3, -91.75psf


Miami-Dade Approvals



• NOA 18-0711.10, -180psf
• NOA 18-0711.12, -165psf

• NOA 18-0711.15, -144.25psf
• NOA 15-0309.07, -106.75psf
• NOA 15-0309.06, -121.75psf


ULTRAMAX Profile Card - Download pdf

ULTRAMAX Installation Guide - Download pdf

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