Tops in Material, Strength
and Value 


TOPMAX is the architects’ favorite when designing for commercial and residential building applications. Boasting heavy-duty materials and long clean lines, TOPMAX metal roofing system features a snap-lock system that eliminates clips while maintaining its excellent expansion and contraction features. TOPMAX is the product to choose when searching for superior protection from the elements and beautiful, low-slope standing seam panels.



Product Features


• Residential and commercial use

• 1-1/2-inch nail strip, snap-lock, standing seam

• Heavy gauge for durability, longevity

• Hidden, snap-lock fasteners for ease of installation

• 25+ color options, custom available

• Custom lengths
• No mechanical seaming required
• Free onsite production
• Warranties on materials and finishes up to 40 years



Product Specifications


Material: 24-, 26-gauge steel, .032, .040 aluminum
Slope: 2:12 or greater slope
Support: Wood deck 15/32-inch thickness or greater plywood
Coverage: 15 inches or 19 inches
Finish: Kynar 500® coating, mill-finished MaxAlúme
Sustainability: Energy Star® rated products available
Quality: Keystone Quality Assurance Program



Florida Product Approvals



• FL 17022.7, -63.5psf

• FL 27985.1, -61psf

• FL 27985.2, -78.5psf

• FL 27985.3, -153.50psf

• FL 27985.4, -168.17psf

• FL 27985.5, -116.25psf


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