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CORMAX 3D Rendering 24.375 inch
CorMax 24.375 inch panel line

High Style and
High Performance 


CORMAX is the classic corrugated panel, offering strength and durability as well as architectural, industrial farmhouse style. The 3/4-inch rib height makes this low-profile metal panel system both useful and beautiful. Requested by designers for interior detail applications like wall paneling and wainscoting, CORMAX can be installed vertically or horizontally for a different look. Use it as a traditional exterior wall and roof panel and you will never be disappointed.

Product Features


  • Commercial, agricultural, residential, architectural interior, exterior

  • Corrugated, 3/4-inch rib

  • Roof and wall applications

  • Heavy-duty gauge for durability

  • Exposed fasteners

  • More than 25 colors available

  • Custom lengths

  • Warranties on materials and finishes up to 40 years

Product Specifications


  • Material: 24- and 26-gauge steel

  • Slope: 3:12 or greater slope

  • Support: 15/32-inch thickness or greater plywood, 3/4-inch wood plank or open framing

  • Coverage: 29.5-inch or 21-inch (Roof);
    32.5-inch or 24-inch (Wall)

  • Rib Height and Spacing: 3/4-inch; 3-inch on center

  • Finish: SMP (Standard), 70% PVDF (Kynar 500®),
    mill-finished MaxAlúme

  • Sustainability: Energy Star® rated products available

  • Quality: Keystone Quality Assurance Program, Miami-Dade   Quality Assurance Program

Product Testing


  • Uplift Resistance: UL 580, UL 1897, TAS 125

  • Wind-Driven Rain: TAS 100

  • Tensil Strength: ASTM E8

  • Fire Rating: UL 790

  • Florida Building Code: Approved HVHZ (29.5-inch) and
    (29.5-inch and 21-inch)

  • Miami-Dade County: Product Control Approved


CORMAX Profile Card - Download pdf

CORMAX Installation Guide - Download pdf

CORMAX Product Approval