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CorMax 34.5 inch 3D Rendering-Revised3-13-22.png
CorMax 34.5 inch panel line drawing - Updated 10-1-22.png


CorMax 3D Rendering 24.375 inch panel-Revised3-13-22.png
CorMax 24.375 inch panel line drawing - Updated 10-1-22.png

High Style and
High Performance 


CORMAX is the classic corrugated panel, offering strength and durability as well as architectural, industrial farmhouse style. The 3/4-inch rib height makes this low-profile metal panel system both useful and beautiful. Requested by designers for interior detail applications like wall paneling and wainscoting, CORMAX can be installed vertically or horizontally for a different look. Use it as a traditional exterior wall and roof panel and you will never be disappointed.

Product Features


  • Commercial, agricultural, residential, architectural interior, exterior

  • Corrugated, 3/4-inch rib

  • Roof and wall applications

  • Heavy-duty gauge for durability

  • Exposed fasteners

  • More than 25 colors available

  • Custom lengths

  • Warranties on materials and finishes up to 40 years

Product Specifications


  • Material: 24- and 26-gauge steel

  • Slope: 3:12 or greater slope

  • Support: 15/32-inch thickness or greater plywood, 3/4-inch wood plank or open framing

  • Coverage: 29.5-inch or 21-inch (Roof);
    32.5-inch or 24-inch (Wall)

  • Rib Height and Spacing: 3/4-inch; 3-inch on center

  • Finish: SMP (Standard), 70% PVDF (Kynar 500®),
    mill-finished MaxAlúme

  • Sustainability: LEED eligible†

  • Quality: Keystone Quality Assurance Program, Miami-Dade   Quality Assurance Program

†LEED credit eligibility based on SRI of color selection

Product Testing


  • Uplift Resistance: UL 580, UL 1897, TAS 125

  • Wind-Driven Rain: TAS 100

  • Tensil Strength: ASTM E8

  • Fire Rating: UL 790

  • Florida Building Code: Approved HVHZ (29.5-inch) and
    (29.5-inch and 21-inch)

  • Miami-Dade County: Product Control Approved


CORMAX Profile Card - Download pdf

CORMAX Installation Guide - Download pdf

CORMAX Product Approval

Kynar 500® is a registered trademark of Arkema, Inc.


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