A key component of customer satisfaction in the metal building industry is the speedy

resolution of customer complaints, either during the construction, or after building erection.

Quite often, the root cause of the customer complaint is not related to how the component

was manufactured but to how the component was handled or installed. Many imperfections

and associated complaints can be prevented at the job site, or by the building owners. This

manual is intended to provide the information and knowledge to identify the job site

imperfections commonly observed on metal buildings so that complaints can be addressed in

a timely manner.

The most common imperfections include damage during storage, shipping, handling, and

installation, improper design of the building components, insulation issues, and maintenance

issues. The imperfections are presented with photographs and discussions, which describe

the cause of the imperfections and the appropriate actions required for their correction or

prevention. Imperfections related to steel manufacturing are not included in this manual.

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